The Yippee Cayenne Story

Yippee Cayenne_teaThey say necessity is the mother of invention and, for Yippee Cayenne, necessity birthed a new venture and all-natural remedy for an old problem.

In 2012, our founder, Jeff Melnick, was battling a severe case of pneumonia. After multiple doctor visits and two rounds of antibiotics, his body finally healed but he was left with a relentless sore throat that did not respond to any over-the-counter medicine or lozenge he tried.

Nothing worked until his wife gave him a glass of a strange solution and told him to gargle with it. Jeff, willing to try anything at this point, gargled with the concoction. And to his amazement — though probably not his wife’s — his sore throat disappeared almost instantly!

As you might guess, the spicy concoction contained our favorite, highly effective ingredient: cayenne pepper!

Over the next few months, Jeff shared the secret ingredient to his remedy with any friends and family members suffering from a sore throat. Though it always brought relief, some with a more sensitive pallet found cayenne pepper to be a little too spicy to handle.

Determined to solve this uncomfortable side effect, Jeff worked to find a way for everyone to use and enjoy this effective and natural remedy. After several trials and recipes, he created the perfect recipe for a sore throat lozenge that would soothe both sore throats and taste buds without causing discomfort.  Yippee Cayenne is tasty and safe enough to eat as a candy (and many have said they do!), yet incredibly effective at soothing sore throats.

Don’t believe us? Order Yippee Cayenne and try this remedy for yourself!