We use cayenne pepper to manufacture what we believe to be the world’s best tasting and most effective sore throat remedy on the market.

Yippee Cayenne throat lozenge candies were invented out of a personal desire to seek relief from a wicked bad sore throat. After trying every type of sore throat remedy sold or prescribed, we decided to tackle this problem ourselves. After much research and testing, we developed what we now know as Yippee Cayenne Throat Lozenge Candies. We discovered the unique power of cayenne pepper and learned that it has successfully treated people with all kinds of ailments for well over a thousand years. Our company, Harvest Treasure LLC, is the first company to use cayenne pepper as the active ingredient in a sore throat lozenge.

For more information, visit http://yippeecayenne.myshopify.com or contact us at yippeecayenne@gmail.com


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