Giving Back: Kids Against Hunger

Kids Against Hunger_Yippee CayenneYippee Cayenne was birthed from a need for personal sore throat relief, but it has grown into much more! We love hearing stories of how we’ve helped our customers, but our reach doesn’t end there. As a family, we love the opportunity to use the resources we have been blessed with to help others in need.

As a co-founder of the non-profit humanitarian aid organization, Acts 2 Help Others, we have been able to reach thousands of families and children living in poverty around the world. Our partnership with Kids Against Hunger has been a primary factor in our work and we want to share the powerful mission of this organization with our fans!

According to their website, “The mission of Kids Against Hunger, a humanitarian food-aid organization, is to significantly reduce the number of hungry children in the USA and to feed starving children throughout the world.”

Kids Against Hunger Food_Yippee CayenneKids Against Hunger worked with food scientists to create meals that are rich in easily digestible protein, carbohydrates, and vitamins, all lacking and desperately needed in the bodies of malnourished children. The meals are a mixture of rice, vitamin-enriched crushed soy, a dehydrated blend of six vegetables, and a powder made of vitamins and minerals. Even better, they accommodate the broad diversity of ethnic tastes and religious differences around the world, so anyone can eat them!

Using this specially designed food, Kids Against Hunger partners with schools, companies, organizations, and churches throughout the U.S. to package and send the food to the children and families who need it.

We have organized and participated in many food packing events, each producing thousands of meals donated to hungry children here in the USA and abroad. We have sat beside volunteers young and old, some friends and others strangers, as we worked together to share the blessings we have received.

Kids Against Hunger Kids_Yippee Cayenne

All photos courtesy of Kids Against Hunger – World Headquarters

We experience great joy in serving the needs of others who need a helping hand and we gladly use a portion of the proceeds from Yippee Cayenne to help us contribute even more in the future!

Help us reach the hungry children of the world through your purchase of Yippee Cayenne products or join a food packing event in your area! For more information on where to volunteer in your area, visit

To learn more about our humanitarian work, contact us at 407-995-6492.


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