Why Use Corn Syrup?

Yippee Cayenne Sore Throat Lozenges“I’d use your Sore Throat Lozenges if they didn’t contain corn syrup, but because they do…”

We’ve heard it before and we’re sure to hear it again. With all the bad press about corn syrup, many people wonder why we use this ingredient when we have such a strong commitment to using natural ingredients.

Isn’t there a better substitute?

The quick answer is no, and this is why.

Texture, shelf life, and effectiveness

Most hard lozenges and candies are made from a mixture of corn syrup and sucrose (sugar), which allows them to hold their hard, long-lasting shape. The mixture is very important for lozenges, because the wrong mixture can lead to grainy lozenges — which affects the taste — or crystallized sugar — which can lessen shelf life. When a lozenge has the wrong mixture, it can become grainy, melt, and deform — even at room temperature! Corn syrup substitutes don’t have the same molecular structures as corn syrup and can’t be used to get the same results.

The use of corn syrup in Yippee Cayenne Sore Throat Lozenges allows these hard lozenges to remain smooth and long-lasting, but it also helps extend the relief provided by the cayenne pepper. The corn syrup adds a sweet balance to cayenne’s spice and helps the lozenge last long enough to give your sore throat the relief it needs before it dissolves.

We use corn syrup, not high-fructose corn syrup

While it may seem a small point, it matters. As with all of our ingredients, corn syrup is a sweetener found in nature and made entirely of glucose. High-fructose corn syrup is a man-made sweetener that has had some of its glucose converted to fructose. Both are sugars and should be consumed in limited quantities, but corn syrup is a natural ingredient. As long as you aren’t eating our lozenges by the handful, you should be just fine.

We have seen our Sore Throat Lozenges help many people and we are committed to continuing to provide this relief for our customers. We know there are some who disagree with the use of corn syrup, but we believe it is the best choice for our product.

When you use Yippee Cayenne for your sore throat, we think you’ll agree.

Order your own lozenges at http://yippeecayenne.myshopify.com/.


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