Cayenne Pepper Remedies

Cayenne Remedies_Yippee CayenneIt’s no secret that we’re big fans of cayenne pepper and its healing properties. Yippee Cayenne is centered on this little pepper’s soothing effects on sore throats and we’ve experienced its power firsthand.

We have focused our product on soothing sore throats, but that’s not the only natural remedy that uses cayenne pepper. To show you just how useful cayenne pepper can be for your aches and discomforts, we’ve put together this list of cayenne pepper remedies for your use. Enjoy!

Apple Cider Vinegar Brew

Whether you’re sick or dealing with allergies, sinus pressure can make you miserable. This apple cider vinegar brew will help you get rid of the fog in your head and replenish any fluids you’ve lost. The cayenne pepper will help soothe your discomfort and clear your sinuses and the vinegar will give your immune system a boost to keep fighting! Follow this recipe to make the brew:


¼ cup water

¼ cup unfiltered apple cider vinegar

1 tablespoon honey

1 teaspoon cayenne pepper

1 wedge lemon


  1. Bring water to a boil.
  2. Combine hot water and apple cider vinegar in a small glass or mug.
  3. Add honey and cayenne pepper. Stir well. Top off with a squeeze of lemon.
  4. Take a deep breath of the mixture, and start drinking.

Cayenne Pepper Liniment and Oil

Cayenne pepper can soothe pains externally as well. If you have a sprain, sore muscles, or arthritic or rheumatic pain, make this liniment and apply it to the pained area. This oil can also be applied to a pained area or used as a massage oil to soothe tense muscles.

Homemade Cayenne Pepper Liniment


1 tablespoon cayenne pepper

1 pint apple cider vinegar


1. Add cayenne to apple cider vinegar.

2. Boil gently for 10 minutes.

3. Pour unstrained contents into a bottle and use externally as needed.

Homemade Cayenne Pepper Oil


½ teaspoon cayenne pepper

1 cup warm natural plant oil, such as grapeseed or olive oil


  1. Add cayenne pepper to oil.
  2. Mix well and apply to painful areas.


If you’ve got a tooth that’s causing problems and you can’t immediately get to a dentist, use cayenne pepper as a mouthwash or apply cayenne directly to the painful tooth to ease the pain.


Whether you’re dealing with a migraine or a hangover, cayenne pepper can help with your head pain. Simply mix ⅛ – 1 full teaspoon (depending on how much you can handle) of cayenne pepper into hot water or tea and drink it down.

Do you use any cayenne pepper remedies? Tell us in the comments!


Yippee Cayenne vs Cough Drops

Yippee Cayenne Sore Throat LozengesYippee Cayenne Sore Throat Lozenges are not a cough drop. We firmly believe that our lozenges are the best sore throat treatment on the market, but they cannot be used to soothe a cough.

That does not mean, however, they can’t be compared to many of the leading cough drops — such as Halls, Vicks, Ricola, etc. — which can also be used to soothe sore throats.

We always want our consumers to be able to make informed decisions, so we’ve created a comparison for you to see the difference between Yippee Cayenne Sore Throat Lozenges and other throat lozenges.

Active Ingredients

Yippee Cayenne: The key to our pride and joy is the healing properties of cayenne pepper. This pepper’s high levels of capsaicin produces an endorphin rush that helps soothe pain. We use this pain reliever to treat sore throat, but cayenne pepper has many more uses. For more information on what cayenne can do, read our blog post.

Common Cough Drops: Many popular cough drops use benzocaine, menthol, peppermint oil, spearmint, or eucalyptus oil as their active ingredient, some of which can be extracted from plants or created synthetically. Non-menthol throat lozenges typically use zinc gluconate glycine, pectin, and dextromethorphan. Cough drops also typically include expectorants to help expel mucus.


Yippee Cayenne: Our throat lozenges are a pretty orange that comes naturally from the ingredients we use. We add no dyes to our products.

Common Cough Drops: Many common cough drops use dyes to increase the visual appeal of their products. The dyes allowed for use in cough drops are red dye #40, yellow dye #5, yellow dye #6, blue dye #1, and caramel coloring.


Yippee Cayenne: Our lozenges are naturally flavored with lemon oil, honey, cayenne pepper, and natural flavors. We spent hours creating the perfect balance of flavor, sweetness, and spiciness to give our customers a lozenge that tastes as good as the relief it brings. Our customers have told us that our lozenges taste like candy — and many say they eat them like candy, too!

Common Cough Drops: Many people are familiar with the common flavors of cough drops — cherry, watermelon, peppermint, orange, raspberry, etc. These flavors can be both natural and artificial. Artificial flavors are often derived from methyl anthranilate, ethyl caporate, and citric, lactic, tartaric, and malic acids.

How Many Can You Eat?

Yippee Cayenne: As many as you can handle. Eating too many may give you a stomach ache, but you won’t have to worry about any side effects from our ingredients.

Common Cough Drops: Though you would probably get a stomach ache before you experienced the bad effects of too much menthol, there is a potential for negative effects on your heart if you consume too much.

Does this change your views on cough drops?

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