Save Your Voice

Saving Your Voice_Yippee CayenneHow often do you use your voice? For most, our voices are only used to talk with friends, family, coworkers, and the clerk at the grocery or to yell at the TV during Monday night football. For others, talking, yelling, and singing are a job requirement. Teachers, pastors, singers, sales people, and performers all use their vocal chords constantly and often have painful consequences as a result.

Strained vocal chords, hoarse voices, and sore throats are all painful and annoying, especially when they inhibit you from using your voice as you need.

Yippee Cayenne has talked to many people who have used Yippee Cayenne Sore Throat Lozenges to soothe their voices after long days of talking. The soothing cayenne and honey combination is perfect for restoring hoarse voices and relieving achy throats.

But, for when your Yippee Cayenne supply runs low or you leave your lozenges at home, here are some simple tips for keeping your voice healthy and strong.

Avoid Smoking

The inhaled heat nicotine, tobacco, and chemicals in cigarettes can cause inflammation, swelling, and cancer in your mouth, throat, nose, and lungs. You will not only see short-term effects on your voice, but face long-term effects on your overall health. This applies to chewing tobacco, as well. Just avoid it all.

Warm Up

Although vocal exercises are often restricted to singers and performers, it never hurts to prepare your voice for use. Do shoulder and neck stretches and spend a few moments humming to warm up your voice for use.

No Yelling or Screaming

Increasing the volume of your voice may garner attention or show your team spirit, but it also damages your vocal chords. Avoid unnecessary strain by keeping your volume low and controlled.

Take Breaks

When your students are at lunch or it’s time for different act, use the free time to sit quietly. You might be tempted to talk to coworkers or chat with students, but your voice needs a break. Take whatever breaks you can get and let your voice rest.


Our vocal chords are wet and spongy, much like the insides of our cheeks and water lubricates them when they need to vibrate quickly. Avoid water that is too hot or cold because it can tighten your vocal chords instead of loosening them. Don’t drink caffeinated or alcoholic drinks that will dry you out and strain your vocal chords.

Avoid Clearing Your Throat

Clearing your throat is like slamming your vocal chords together. Avoid damage by sipping water or using a Yippee Cayenne Sore Throat Lozenge to clear any phlegm or irritation.

Don’t Eat or Drink Before Bed

When you eat or drink before bed, you often get acid reflux while you sleep. You might not feel it, but your vocal chords do. Stay hydrated, but keep your eating and drinking for the daytime.

Listening to your voice is the best thing you can do for it. When you notice hoarseness or strain, give your voice what it needs.

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