Natural Remedies: Essential Oils

Essential Oils_Yippee Cayenne

Photo Credit: Andrew Gustar

Over the past year, the use of essential oils has grown exponentially. Find them online, in stores, in magazines, on social media, and in the homes of many friends and family. Some use them for physical ailments, while others use their oils to affect their moods. Some people are even claiming to use the oils to cure cancer, Alzheimer’s, autism, and more.

As with any new (and unregulated) remedy that becomes popular, it is important to evaluate the claims you hear and the potential risks. At Yippee Cayenne, we want you to be informed and aware, so we’ve put together a few of these risks and claims for you!


As a cure: Though essential oils in their basic form have been used for hundreds of years, they just recently became popular. Thus, there are not many research studies or scientific tests on the healing abilities of essential oils. The FDA recently warned the two most popular essential oil companies to stop making health claims, because it hasn’t been tested yet. Many people attest to the powers of essential oils, but nothing has been proven.

For well-being: Essential oils may not heal or cure physical diseases, but they do provide relief. There are hundreds of success stories for essential oils and we have friends and family who attest to their results. Headaches, warts, insomnia, stomach aches — all have essential oil reliefs. Essential oils can’t replace modern medicine and a doctor’s opinion, but they can help relieve mild discomforts and provide relaxation when needed.


Not FDA approved: At the moment, there is no regulation for essential oils and they don’t need to be approved for the market. Check your oils to make sure they are coming from a legitimate source and be careful when buying more.

Natural doesn’t mean safe: Even though essential oils are natural remedies, distilled from plants, this doesn’t mean they are safe. As Dr. David Combs told Fox News, “(T)here are flat-out poisons that have been designed that are plant-based. They’re very, very concentrated compounds, and ingesting them is something that you have to be very, very careful with.” Avoid ingesting any essential oils and stick to surface applications.

Yippee Cayenne is an advocate for using natural remedies (visit for your sore throat remedy!), but we also want you to be safe. Do your research before joining this trend and use essential oils wisely.

Do you use essential oils? How do they work (or not work) for you?


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